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Japan Karate Association

Nuns'island-JKA Shotokan Karate Club | Club de Karate JKA de l'île-des-soeurs

West island-JKA Shotokan Karate Club | Club de Karate JKA de l'Ouest de l'île

Nuns' Island JKA ​

Schedule / calendrier

Tennis Club-Dojo: 300 Golf, (Nuns’ Island) Verdun, QC  H3E 1A8 Canada 

Elgar Dojo: 260 Elgar, (Nuns’ Island) Verdun, QC  H3E 1C9 Canada 

-The schedule is flexible; which means, as long as you train in the number of classes you registered you can choose your day of training, and If you miss your classe you can make it up in a different class.


-First Term white belt classes concentrate on beginner’s kihon (basics), kata (form) and kumite (combat). These classes refine the fundamentals of karate.


-Second term students may train with all level students except in brown and black belt classes


-Fist protectors are required in all Kumite classes to avoid injuries. Free sparing is introduced to all levels


-Karate Seminars and competition carry additional charges


Do not be late

There will be no late entry to the dojo once the course starts


Late students are not permitted to train

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