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Shahrokh Hoghooghi-Shihan 


He began to explore the world of karate in 1973, during his adolescence. Two years later, he joined the Japan Karate Association (JKA), as well as the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) in the United Kingdoms. In the Devonshire city of Exeter, his official instructor was Sensei David Collocot. His official examiner at the time was Andy Sherry and the regional chief instructor Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda. Under the guidance of these well-known instructors, he trained and competed for several years in many regional competitions in England and the rest of Europe.


In Wales, 1979, he was awarded his SHO-DAN-1 by chief instructor Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, eighth-dan JKA. After rigorous local competitions, he was selected for the British Southwest team later that summer.


In January 1980, he moved to Montreal, Canada. He then received his NI-DAN-2 from Sensei Takeshi Oishi and Sensei Sakurai at the University of Montreal, in 1981. Sensei Yasuo Sakurai had traveled to Quebec from Japan due to his dynamic karate techniques. Sensei Sakurai prepared Shahrokh for the Canadian Championships in Winnipeg in 1984.

He later attained his SAN-DAN-3 from Masataka Mori sensei, Enoeda sensei, and Osaka sensei in the USA, and completed his two years of the 'Instructor's course' with Sensei Masataka Mori in Boston, New Haven New York, Albany, and Montreal; and eventually received his instructor, examiner and judging certifications from the Japan Karate Association (JKA) in 1995.

He was later awarded his YON-DAN-4 by senseis Sugiura, Mori sensei, Enoeda sensei, and Ueki sensei in July 1995. And, in 2001, he received his GO-DAN-5 from Mori sensei, Ueki sensei, and Enoeda sensei in Connecticut, United States.

In 2010 he successfully achieved his ROKU-DAN-6 from Master Masataka Mori.

In 2018 he awarded his NANA-DAN-7 by Shihan Ueki and Imura sensei; 7th Dan is the highest possible rank that is attainable for an outside Japan residence. 

Finally in October 2019 after attending the October Gasshuku master's seminar in Tokyo, he was awarded the

HONORIFIC SHIHAN status which makes him the first none-Japanese karateka that has ever received this level by passing his

A-level examiner, which is the last of 12 levels of Japan Karate Association qualifications.

Mechanical engineer Concordia University Montreal, Canada.


Self-employed, Mechanical-engineering consultant in custom-Machine design and robotics;  RPM-Robotic Process Manipulation 

Sakurai Sensei






World Funakoshi-cup, Ireland, Limerick



Pan-American tournament, South America, Brazil, Head judge



World Funakoshi-cup, Tokyo, Japan



World Funakoshi-cup Thailand, Pattaya.



2014 (Montreal)

Judged and refereed the selection of National

Team Canada for Shoto-world-cup


2006 and 2008  (Toronto):

Judged and refereed the selection of National

Team Canada for Shoto-world-cup


2002 (Montreal):

Judged and refereed the selection of National

Team Canada for Shoto-world-cup




Annual tournaments

Tournament history




Entered Team Canada; third time
World Shoto-cup championship, Paris, France; August 18th -21st 1998

Entered Team Canada; second time
World Shoto-cup championship, Osaka, Japan; July 25th -27th 1996

Entered Team Canada; first time
 World Shoto-cup championship, Philadelphia, USA; August 4th -7th 1994




Entered Team Quebec and competed in the Canadian championships in Winnipeg

1980 - 1997

Eastern Canada and USA 

United Kingdom and Europe

1975 - 1978

Provincial and regional tournaments; Devon, England 
1978 - 1979

Entered The British south-west team KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) and competed nationally and internationally in England, Wales, Scotland, Germany,  Belgium and France

Qualifications and Achievements

  > 7th Dan, Shihan; by Shihan Masaaki Ueki, Tokyo, Japan.

  • A-level instructor; by Shihan Masaaki Ueki, Master Masahiko Tanaka, Master Yoshiharu Osaka; Pattaya, Thailand.

  • A-level Judge; by Shihan Masaaki Ueki; Montreal, Canada.

  • A-level Examiner; by Shihan Takeshi Oishi, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Especial 2nd Dan rights; by Master Masaaki Ueki, Master Yoshiharu Osaka; Master Tomio Imamura, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Especial 1st Dan rights; by Master Masaaki Ueki, Master Yoshiharu Osaka; Master Tomio Imamura, Tokyo, Japan.




Participated in regional competitions in Exeter, Bristol, Tiverton, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Plymouth, Glasgow and London in the 'Crystal Palace'.

Participated in the 'British Southwest' team that competed in Belgium and Germany. During that year, the Britains won.


Participated in the Quebec team that competed in the Canadian Championships in Calgary.


Participated in the Canadian team that competed in the World 5th Shoto-Cup Championships in Philadelphia, United States.


Participated in the Canadian team that competed in the World 6th Shoto-Cup Championships in Osaka, Japan.


Participated in the Canadian team that competed in the World 7th Shoto-Cup Championships in France.