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The new student registrations are done directly by the sensei; once registered, if the student does not want to continue for any reason or if he/she does not follow the rules and the regulations of the dojo or the JKA, he/she will receive a full refund within first two weeks. The minimum age limit for the children is 6 years of age. All children under the age of 10 are evaluated prior to registration to see if they will be able to follow the instructions. Upon registration the height of the student is taken for ordering the karate-gi



Karate gi is the white uniform students need to wear to train. They are made up of two parts; a top and a pair of pants. All gi tops will be sent for embroidery with the Nuns' Island JKA official logo. All gis are required to be clean and presentable in the class. A maximum of two trainings before the gi is washed is required.

 Enjoy your training

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